Building Your Dreams

Property Investment is a great way to build your wealth, create a secure future and minimise your payable tax. Building Your Dreams is what Calla Property does best.

Calla Property Insights is the award-winning research methodology developed for over 20 years, that we rely on to consistently identify the right property, in the right place at the right time – Australia wide.

The properties that we recommend strike the perfect balance between capital growth and cash flow. Each property is selected to match our clients’ individual investment strategy and takes into account their lifestyle and goals. If the property recommended doesn’t adversely affect your lifestyle, you’ll be able to hold onto it for long enough to realise the capital growth.

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The Calla Property Path to Success

Step 1 - Start Your Acceleration

In this 10-20 meeting, we uncover whether you're a good candidate for Calla Property, how we can move forward together and what time frame is likely.


Step 2 - Accelerate Your Knowledge

In this meeting we find out all about you, your goals and dreams and start to develop your portfolio strategy. You will also gain a thorough understanding of Calla Property and the Calla Property Insights - the award-winning research methodology used to uncover the best properties for your specific strategic goals and budget.

Step 3 - Accelerate Your Wealth

Once you're comfortable with moving ahead with Calla Property recommendations, the research begins. We work with your budget and structure to show you a number of properties that will best achieve your goals.

Accelerate Your Wealth - Portfolio Growth

Don't take our word for it - this is what our cherished clients have to say about what we've achieved for them...

In today’s society, property investment is seen by many as an ideal way to secure a financial future, not only for the short to medium term but one to be handed down to future generations. All investments carry a degree of risk, of course, and the property market is no different; for the uninitiated and inexperienced property investor there are many obstacles to be overcome and unexpected pitfalls to be encountered that can turn a dream into something of a nightmare scenario.


At Calla Property, award winning property investment specialists, we have perfected a methodology over the last 20 years that has consistently delivered excellent results for our customers with an exciting and innovative approach that relies heavily on evidence-based property research. Our team are constantly scouring the whole of Australia for new opportunities to invest – to some that may just infer a search for value properties but at Calla Property we take a more expansive view and analyse many facets of a potential investment opportunity.


Undertaking detailed population and demographics property research, hand in hand with population and demographics property research gives a real insight into the prospects for the potential of a region or area to demonstrate signs of ongoing growth, where the housing market will flourish and investment has a potential for greater returns. Furthermore, infrastructure property research will identify areas in which there is upcoming investment – another positive indicator for investment potential.


When you turn to Calla Property for our expertise and experience, we will be at pains to ensure that, after detailed consultation with you, determining your budget, expectations and preferred time frame, that we devise an investment strategy that is perfectly suited for you. Acquiring a home in a high growth area will likely provide the fastest growth on outlay but may require a higher level of initial investment, whereas co-living or dual living investment properties provide more of a balance between capital growth and rental income.


A further, often overlooked opportunity lays within NDIS and SDA investment properties; properties built specifically for this sector of the market often incur a higher initial outlay due to increased construction costs but do offer favourable returns in the long term.


There are multiple scenarios for you to explore when it comes to property investment, but without exercising property research due diligence -as provided by Calla Property, your financial investment may flounder.


Our two decades of operation has seen us go from strength to strength, and in 2016 we began to receive serious recognition and accreditation for our exemplary level of customer service, customer feedback and most importantly, customer property performance. And in 2023, both the Global 100 Awards and the Wealth and Finance Awards placed us as winners in the category of best property investment specialists in Australia and New South Wales respectively, and we have consistently been acknowledged as one of the top 10 specialists in Australia by the Australian Property Investor.


Why take any chances with your investment? Come to Calla Property to secure your financial security.


Purchasing a property as an investment should be given serious consideration, many speculative investors can incur losses, but those experiencing ongoing success will have given the subject of property research due diligence and have a strategy that reflects their expectations and budget.


At Calla Property we assist discerning investors that are looking for evidence based property research to find a suitable property in which to invest, whether it be NDIS or SDA investment properties that may require higher initial investment but generate good returns, or dual living and co-living investment properties that strike a favourable balance between cash flow and long-term growth. Whether you have an extensive portfolio seeking slow but steady growth or are seeking a fast return to expand a blossoming portfolio, Calla Property will help you implement the most appropriate strategy.


Understanding the needs of our clients in collaboration with a meticulous eye to detail that includes, population and demographics research alongside infrastructure, economics and employment property research ensures that we find the property that will maximise the outcomes for our clients.


Within the highly competitive world of real estate investing, reputation amongst organisations such as Calla Property are paramount, and our ongoing record of collecting industry awards speaks for itself. Being placed in the 10 top specialists in Australia for four consecutive years by the Australian Property Investor was superseded in 2023 by Global 100 that recognised us as the best property investment specialist, not just in New South Wales but the whole of Australia, and our regular blog is placed in the top 60 Australian property investment blogs as well as winning, Best Australian Property Specialist for 2024.

Investing in property has long been regarded as a solid option for generating income immediately through rental fees or for investment growth over a longer term, but understanding which approach is best for you, to meet your goals and expectations, is at the heart of your chances of success.

At Calla Property, we utilise a research methodology which has stood the test of time for over 20 years, and has been successful time after time in developing investment strategies for our clients. Many opt for good long-term returns, with sufficient short term gains that enable an expansion of your portfolio whilst others prefer to strike a balance between cash returns and long term growth and for this end we often recommend co-living or dual living investment properties. 

As an alternative we could suggest exploring NDIS or SDA investment properties that may incur higher than average costs upfront but offer very favourable returns in the medium to long term, or for those that demand immediate cash returns, we would recommend following our own Calla Air model. However, whichever approach you opt for you can be sure that at Calla Property we exercise property research due diligence, with detailed economics and employment property research hand in hand with meticulous population and demographics property research to ensure that we can find the right property for you and your investment plans.

As the Best Property Investment Specialist New South Wales 2023 at the Wealth and Finance International Awards and recognition as being in the top 10 specialists in Australia for 4 consecutive years as well as best Property Investment Specialists Australia 2024-2023 two years running , you are in safe hands with Calla Property.