Building Your Dreams

Property Investment is a great way to build your wealth, create a secure future and minimise your payable tax. Building Your Dreams is what Calla Property does best.

Calla Property Insights is the award-winning research methodology developed for over 20 years, that we rely on to consistently identify the right property, in the right place at the right time – Australia wide.

The properties that we recommend strike the perfect balance between capital growth and cash flow. Each property is selected to match our clients’ individual investment strategy and takes into account their lifestyle and goals. If the property recommended doesn’t adversely affect your lifestyle, you’ll be able to hold onto it for long enough to realise the capital growth.

The Calla Property Path to Success

Step 1 - Start Your Acceleration

In this 10-20 meeting, we uncover whether you're a good candidate for Calla Property, how we can move forward together and what time frame is likely.


Step 2 - Accelerate Your Knowledge

In this meeting we find out all about you, your goals and dreams and start to develop your portfolio strategy. You will also gain a thorough understanding of Calla Property and the Calla Property Insights - the award-winning research methodology used to uncover the best properties for your specific strategic goals and budget.

Step 3 - Accelerate Your Wealth

Once you're comfortable with moving ahead with Calla Property recommendations, the research begins. We work with your budget and structure to show you a number of properties that will best achieve your goals.

Accelerate Your Wealth - Portfolio Growth

Don't take our word for it - this is what our cherished clients have to say about what we've achieved for them...