The team at Calla Property helped us secure our first investment property in Brisbane through our SMSF fund. While investing isn’t new to us, we were quite nervous investing out of Sydney as we had been burnt before. Susan’s presentation was personal and focused and her attention to detail was well beyond and above. From design, price and recommendations, I believe, with her sound knowledge - we made the smart investment.

The team at Calla showed us why this is the right time to invest in Brisbane. Susan is well connected with her network peers and effectively project managed the team that was involved in the whole transaction, from setting up the SMSF correctly, to the Brisbane conveyancer. For this I am very grateful as it made the whole process so easy.

I would recommend Calla Property to my friends and family.
— Alex, 45, Tempe NSW.

WHO? : We are investment property specialists and help you by minimising the risk of property investment in Australia.

HOW? : We partner with Property Research Houses and uncover the areas that are set for capital growth. We look at over 100 different factors that influence property investment, such as infrastructure, population movement, reputation, design and growth to pinpoint the best properties in the best areas for investment. 

WHY? : We believe that property investment is a great way to reach your investment goals and retire well. We find the properties that are most likely to outperform the market.

COST? : This service is at no cost to you. Once we've identified the areas worth investing in, we find the builders with reputable histories and great designed properties who are building in those areas and approach them to recommend their properties. They pay us to be included in our prestigious portfolio of investment properties, so that you don't have to.  And this is already budgeted for so it doesn't impact on the cost of the property. We are passionate about helping our clients understand their financial position, and come up with the best structures so that they can get into the property market and growth their portfolios. Our clients achieving their financial goals makes us happy and we're proud to be able to offer such a service.


I bought my first unit in Sydney 5 years ago. Slowly paying if off, I was putting all my extra money ito it and having no real idea of what I was doing …. isn’t that the Australian dream to buy a home and pay off as soon as possible!
I wanted to buy an investment property but was overwhelmed by the thought of 2 mortgages, 2 stratas, rates etc... therefore was put off and did nothing! If only I knew what I know now 5 years ago!
I was highly recommended by a friend to Susan at Calla Property and advised she knew about investment strategies and where to invest. I approached Susan and arranged a meeting to discuss my interests and options. Susan was very professional and yes she did know about investments - and finance and brokers and anything you need to know about properties. Susan opened my eyes to a whole new world and explained everything slowly and carefully at a level that I, a beginner could understand and relate to. As a result, I bought my first investment property and within another few months, my second ….. the beginning of my future finance security! Any questions I have, Susan is able to answer fully and confidently and follows up on anything I need to know regarding the process. I have never met someone so calm, organized and helpful, she really knows her stuff!
I found the experience relaxing, instead of nerve wracking and gained the knowledge I needed to confidently invest. Susan is confident and very particular on her projects. She does research on the backgrounds of the areas, going to the places and also sending me updates of the properties I have investing in as they are being built.
Susan has introduced me to an excellent new mortgage broker and accountant, all who I fully trust my future wealth creation to.
I have recommended Susan to family and other friends who have followed through on this and also been as happy as I am. I highly recommend Susan to anyone and everyone, trust me you will never be disappointed!
Thank you Susan, it’s a pleasure to work with you.
— Jo, 44, Little Bay NSW