At Calla Property we help you to find the best investment property for your investment goals. 

About Us

At Calla Property we help you to find the best investment property for your investment goals.

We are research dependent investment property specialists and help you by minimising the risk of property investment in Australia.

We do the research you don’t know how to do or don’t have time to do.


About Susan Farquhar


One of the country’s leading investment property experts, Susan Farquhar built Calla Property on a proven research methodology that achieves consistent capital growth for her clients.

‘Calla Property Insights’ is a detailed and holistic approach to building an investment portfolio and has been developed by Susan after many years of buying and selling property for herself and her clients.

Backed by her MBA studies with mortgage and financial planning qualifications, Susan is in a unique position to understand how individuals feel about money and debt and will empower them to make better finance choices.


Our Services

We match you with a property in our portfolio that takes into account both where you’re going and where you’re at.

We select property using CALLA PROPERTY INSIGHTS, our award winning research methodology, so that you can have peace of mind.

Then we use our match criteria, CALLA PROPERTY EVALUATION, to ensure you’re presented with the best property for your goals.

Furthermore, we have a stable of trusted referral partners who can also assist you with every aspect of the process, including finance lenders, property lawyers, accountants, financial planners and property agents.



Our research methodology allows us to rate property appropriate for our master portfolio that our clients have access to. There are 100 boxes that need to be ticked before the property is approved.

It is our independent research that sets apart. The methodology is thorough and includes research and forecasting that is not readily available to the consumer.

Once one of our finance strategists understands the goals you’re trying to achieve, we can then match the strategy with the best property.

Our clients have many reasons for approaching us. All have the same goal of financial freedom but each have a different idea of what financial freedom is.  We believe that property investment is a great way to reach your investment goals. We find the properties that are most likely to outperform the market. These are just some of the few reasons clients approach us

Calla Property Investors is founded on a number of values that are the backbone of our business. We believe that if it’s not good enough for ourselves, our friends or our family then its not good enough for our clients and therefore will never be recommended or allowed on our books. At all times we are transparent in our dealings and conduct ourselves ethically by communicating clearly, openly and honestly.

Our background is research and finance, not real estate. Most investment property experts especially buyers agents don’t have a background in finance. They’re just real estate agents looking for a new angle. Calla Property Investors draws from a rich background in finance and strategy (MBA finance, fin.planner, mortgage broker, BA Ints Rel). Our research methodology is proven and the focus is firmly on the clients growth strategy.


CALLA PROPERTY INSIGHTS – We spend thousands of dollars on independent research that is not readily available to the individual investor. It’s the research that sets us apart.

CALLA PROPERTY EVALUATION – We focus on the financial outcomes you would like to achieve and how property investment can help you achieve your goals.

Much like a mortgage broker, we are paid by the property builder so we don’t have to charge you a fee. We provide an unbiased service that is centred on your wealth creation goals.

Research, Finance and Banking education and experience, not Real Estate and Sales.