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We’re excited to announce that Susan Farquhar from Calla Property has been nominated in The Property Investor’s ‘Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists’.

This is an award that recognises the outstanding contribution made by individual Australian property Experts who have collectively shaped the built environment across the country over the past twelve months.


Calla Property has been awarded the Top 75 Property Investment Blogs on the Web 2017

                           Top 75 Investment Blogs & Websites for Property Investors

                           Top 75 Investment Blogs & Websites for Property Investors



Click below to listen to Susan Farquhar's chat with Perth Tonight's Chris Ilsley about tenancy laws within Australia.

The latest Census figures show that more and more Australians are renting with the tenant population now at 30.9%.

The median household rent has increased from $285 - $335 per week since the last Census.

As such, our laws should change too, reflecting current trends and ensuring that tenants feel they also have a home, even if it’s not technically theirs.

Policy changes like
longer lease terms and pet ownership, align with this sense of home, which is so important for couples, families and mental health.

As long as the tenant commits to returning the property to its original state at the end of the lease, minor changes should also be acceptable.


Click below to listen to Calla's MD, Susan Farquhar chat to 2GB's Ben Fordham about the oversupply of CBD properties and the secrets to buying in and around the CBD areas.


Our Super positive MD talks to Business Chicks about investment strategy and property. What a great start to the week!! Featured in Latte Magazine Apr/May 2015